Trip to Lepakhshi via Nandi Hills

Places Covered: Nandi Hills, Lepakshi

Total distance: ~270 Kms

Time: ~15 Hrs

Mileage: around 6 ltrs.

Previous Trip:  The Free-Tan Trip to Yelagiri


Considering the upcoming Sunday(16 October 2012), I called up a few friends to conform if they are ready for a short trip. Only 4 (2 Bikes) of us were ready, since I informed them on a very short notice (10 PM on Saturday).

We finalized to go visit Lepakhshi Temple, Andhra Pradesh via Nandi Hills, Bangalore. Since the entry through check-post is only allowed after 6 AM, I decided to start by 5 from K R Puram. The other group was supposed to join me at Nandi Hills. One who was supposed to come with me surrendered to sleep, leaving me pretty happy since I like to ride alone . As per schedule we reached there by 6 AM. Considering the crowd there, it took us an hour to clear to the check-post after document verification.

Route Map:

Below is the view from the check-post at the foothills of Nandi Hills. Foothills of Nandi Hills On the way to top. Reached the top by 07:30 AM, parked bikes, took the tickets. Saw a bunch of Pulsar 200 NS parked in front of the ticket counter. I guess some kind of Bajaj sponsored trip. Small pond at the top. Few random snaps while heading up. View from top. Can you spot the blue house in the above picture?  Spent around 2 hours there, had coffee, headed down, had breakfast and then headed towards Lepakshi by 10:30 AM. Took a few random snaps on the way. Reached Lepakshi village by 1 PM. Headed toward Nandi. Around 80 Km from Nandi Hills. Nandi Bull, Lepakshi Nandi Bull, Lepakshi There was a small garden, took a small break, rested over there for 15 mins. Lepakshi temple is just a few meters from Nandi. Hello!?  Close-up shot of a Lizard, Lepakshi Stopped at some Dhaba for lunch ne Bagepalli. Just before sitting on the bike to head back home, I noticed the flat tyre. Luckily there was a puncher shop close-by. Puncher repair guy din’t find any punchure, except the tube around the nozzle got cut, no idea how that happened . Took around 1.5 hrs to get it fixed. We reached Chikbalapur by 07:30 PM. I headed to K R Puram via Devanhalli (another 60-70kms). Just before reaching Devanhalli, heavy rain started. I decided to take a break after reaching Devanhalli and let the rain stop. Waited there for more than two hours with no sign of stopping. Decided to ride anyway. Half way home the rain almost stopped, reached home by 10 PM, had dinner and off to sleep :).

One thought on “Trip to Lepakhshi via Nandi Hills

  1. Hi There,

    Nice and informative blog. Me and my hubbie are planning to visit Nandi Hills on our kinetic. I was wondering if the hill roads were safe to ride as I will be riding in parts. Did you guys switch off the engine downhill? Need some tips. Thanks, Kusum

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