Trip to Dandeli/ Karwar/ Gokarna/ Murdeshwar

Places covered: Dandeli, Kali Nadi, Karwar, Gokarna, Murdeshwar.
Total distance: ~1400 kms
Number of days: 4
Previous trip: Trip to Lepakhshi via Nandi Hills

Got a call from a friend on 23rd October 2012, inviting me to join him on a trip to Dandeli with his family. Wanted to go there from a long time, so without thinking any further I just accepted it and booked a ticket for the same night. Booked a seat in Rajhamsa – KSRTC. The bus was at 2045 hrs from Majestic, so I reached there an hour before.

The next morning (0700 Hrs) I was in Dandeli. One of my friend’s relative was working in West Coast Paper Mill Ltd, so we stayed in their quarters.

Attended the evening Dussera function over there.



We planned to book a taxi and roam around for the next 2-3 days. We finalized on the following plan, Dandeli>Karwar>Gokarna>Murdeshwar>Yellapur>Dandeli. Plan was to start by 1500 Hrs from Dandeli, view sunset from Karwar beach, night stay in Gokarna, head to Murdeshwar in the next morning and finally Dandeli via Yellapur.

Woke up early on 25th, went out, took a few sunrise snaps. Headed to Kali Nadi by 1000 Hrs after having breakfast. Reached there by 1200 hrs, took a few snaps, enjoyed the view for an hour and headed back.

Sunrise at Dandeli

As per schedule we started by 1500 hrs, stopped on the way at a few places to enjoy the view and take a few snaps.

Reached Karwar by 1830 hrs, just in time take the sunset shot. The first image is of War Ship Museum.

War Ship Museum, Karwar  Sunset at Karwar Beach

We reached Gokarna by 2000 hrs. Found a place to stay for the night. The next  morning I left for Gokarna Om Beach by 0630 hrs, while my friend and his family planned to visit a nearby temple.

Few snaps of Om Beach.

Gokarna Om Beeach  Gokarna Om Beeach, HDR



Panorama Om Beach, Gokarna

Few snaps of Kudla Beach. Its very close to Om beach, has a lot of eateries, water sports, but slightly overcrowded compared to Om beach.

Panorama Kudla Beach, Gokarna

  Kudla Beach, Gokarna


I must have trekked atleast 6 km with my 12 kilo backpack. Was completely exhausted, so called them to pick us up somewhere close-by. We headed towards Murdeshwar by 1000 hrs. Reached there by 1300 hrs.

Few snaps of Murdeshwar.

20-storied Gopura at Murdeshwar Temple with two life size elephants at guard.



Third highest statue of Lord Shiva in the world.






  Parasailing at Murdeshwar

Murdeshwar was fun, though over crowded. Loaded by water sports, including jet-ski, power boats, para-sailing to name a few. Since its was getting late I had to skip the sunset shot I planned over there and Magod waterfalls in Yellapur.

We started from Murdeshwar by 1730 hrs. The roads till Gokarna is in pretty bad shape. After crossing Gokarna, we stopped somewhere to have dinner. The route to Dandeli passes through Anshi national park, which seemed quite creepy at night. We reached home by 2300 hrs.

We booked a bus to Bangalore via Dharwad  for the next day.

Though the places we visited and the route we took is just pure awesome, I missed my bike throughout the trip.

Hope to ride all these places in future.

4 thoughts on “Trip to Dandeli/ Karwar/ Gokarna/ Murdeshwar

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