Frozen ride to Talakona via Horsley Hills

Places Covered: Horsley Hills and Talakona
Total distance: ~580 Kms
Time: ~23 Hrs
Mileage: haven’t calculated, must have burnt around 12-13 ltrs.
Previous Trip:  Trip to Dandeli/ Karwar/ Gokarna/ Murdeshwar

Not literally frozen of-course, its Andhra Pradesh. I guess the unexpectedness of the level of cold in AP made me feel even colder :).  The temperature throughout the ride was just above 10 degrees, coupled with 60-70 kmph riding speeds is good enough to result windchill in negative.

About Horsley Hills:
Horsley Hills is like  an  Appetizer at 4100ft, blessed with loads of trees (especially Eucalyptus, Jacaranda), 3-4 hair pin bends, awesome climate, peaceful, away from the traffic/ Janta and no pollution makes it a perfect getaway for relaxation.
There is nothing much to do here other than pure relaxation.
Also if you are lucky, you might get a chance to spot Sambar Deer.
Awesome breakfast buffet at APTDC (Rs 90 per head, includes dosa/ idli/ pongal/ coffee/ tea).
Trekking and some adventure sports (run by APTDC) are also there, haven’t done that.
There is a small park and a small zoo opposite to APTDC Hill Resort.

About Talakona Waterfall:
Talakona waterfall is around 100 km from Madanapally. Waterfall is in Sri Venkateswara National Park.
With a 270 feet tall, it is the highest waterfall in Andhra Pradesh.
There is also a 250m long canopy rope walk.
The water here is believed to be rich in minerals which flows through herbs and has healing properties. Talakona was declared as Bio-Sphere Reserve since a variety of herbs and plant species are available.
While heading towards Talakona, one can see the rocky side of Tirumala Hills.

Hoskote> Chintamani Bypass> Madnapally> Horsley Hills> Madanapally> Talakona (Tirupati Road)

Chintamani road is being relaid, so its more of a nightmare to ride in night (especially when its cold).
The roads were pretty good throughout the trip, except Chintamani and near Talakona.

Its been nearly 2 months since my last bike trip, making me desperate enough to go on a long day trip.
We finalized a visit to Talakona Waterfalls via Horsley Hills.
This was the 2nd time we were going to Horsley Hills. As I said before, Horsley Hills is kind of a special place that can be visited any number of times (unless one is interested in hardcore adventure stuff).
We woke up at 2 AM next day and got ready. Outside temperature at that time must have been less than 15 Degree (negative wind chill temperature while riding at 60-70kmph). So finally by 2 30 AM we left for Horsley Hills, which is around 140 Km from Hoskote.

On the way, we stopped near H-Cross (before Chintamani) for a Coffee break, next break before Madanapally .We reached Madanapally by 4 AM, we asked the directions to Horsley Hills to a cop there and he suggested us to go after 5 30 AM (there was a robbery happened a month back on that highway).

As per his advice we stopped for a coffee break nearby, took rest for an hour and started for Horsley Hills. It took us 30-40 mins to reach the base of the hill (~25 km from Madanapally).

Took a few shots on the way up.

Taken at the base of the hill.


Sunrise at Horsley Hills  Sunrise at Horsley Hills

Random shots.

Apache HDR  

APTDC Restaurant.

APTDC Restaurant

APTDC Hill Resort and park.

View point, Horsley Hills

Panorama shots from my last trip.

Panoramic shot from Hill top, Horsley Hills

By 9 AM we had our breakfast at APTDC Restaurant. Stopped at a hair pin bend for a couple of shots and slow motion videos.

By 9 30 AM we started for Talakona.  Chilled wind was blowing throughout the trip even though it was a bright sunny day.
Talakona is around 125 km from Horsley Hills. We reached Talakona by 12 PM. Its a 10 minutes walk up to Talakona waterfall form the parking place.

Waterfalls was pretty crowded but, we managed to find a decent spot away from crowd.


Talakona Waterfalls

Took a dip in the crystal clear ice cold water (slight exaggeration about ice cold :P). Water is crystal clear over there. Wherever depth is more, the water look bluish rather the famous green :).

250m long canopy rope walk.

Canopy Bridge, Talakona

Other than these there is nothing else to do there. The banner over there shows a huge list of activities available there (including jeep safari), but a local over there told us that was the past, now there is only a waterfall and the canopy walk left. So by 3 PM we started the return journey, stopped at Madanapally for lunch and a few coffee break in between. We reached home by 10 PM.

3 thoughts on “Frozen ride to Talakona via Horsley Hills

  1. Sweet Ride. I have been to horsley hills too. You should have tried visiting Rishi Valley School as well. It’s a great school. Are you in bangalore now? It’s sunil, btw from narayana. Not sure if you would remember me.

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