Savanadurga Trek/ Manchanabele Dam/ Big Banyan Tree

Places Covered: Savanadurga, Manchanabele Reservoir and Big Banyan Tree
Total distance: ~120 Kms
Time: ~12 Hrs
Mileage: ~3 ltrs.
Previous Trip:  Shivagange Trek

This was one pending trip since a long time (as always :)).  So finally on 6th January 2013 I plotted a plan to trek Savanadurga.

Went out for grocery shopping the night before the trip, loaded my bag with snacks. Filled up the tank, cleaned the bike, fixed my navigation setup, reconnected the mobile charging unit, tuned carburetor for performance… and bikey ready to burn some rubber :).


Savanadurga is among the largest Monolithic Hills in Asia. There is Nandi idol at the Hill top, which is 1226 meters above sea level.

Manchanabele Dam is just  a few clicks from Savanadurga. It’s is a small reservoir, build across the river Arkavathi for irrigation purpose. Place is quiet and peaceful enough to spend some time, though lacks tree cover for shade.

Dodda Alada Mara (Big Banyan Tree) is a giant Banyan tree located in the village of Ramohalli, spread over 3 acres and is supposed to be atleast 400 years old.



The group consisted of 4 people and 2 bikes (again), I seriously miss riding without pinion :(, will pakka plan a solo trip in future :).

Back to the log, we left my place by 0400 hrs, stopped around 15 km before Savanadurga for a Coffee break, don’t remember the place name, bas Google bharose hum to.

Roads were fine throughout the trip, except in the village limits. We reached Savanadurga foothills by 0600 hrs, parked our bikes in front of the Temple and started the hill climb.

It’s nearly a 300 meter climb and can be done in around 2 hours. The view from the top is insanely awesome. There are no steps or supports to help you out, except a chain of arrow marks for direction.

Be sure not to visit on a rainy day or night. Also it’s best to start the climb early in the morning, by 6 AM is good enough. Carry food and water, there is nothing available on the top.

It’s a perfect place to plan a ODT when clubbed with “Manchanabele Dam” and “Big Banyan Tree”, which are pretty close-by.

Savanadurga Hill Savanadurga Hill

First bird pic that I was able to capture, although the snap isn’t sharp enough, taken at 350mm fl.

View from the top.

Yes, that’s the same Nandi I pointed out in the first snap. 🙂

Don’t know what’s with lizards and me, guess they just keep following me hoping for a shot :). The last encounter was during the Lepakshi trip,  first trip with my present cam.

Manchanabele Dam Manchanabele Dam Manchanabele Dam

Manchanabele is considered as shooting spot, surprisingly some Tamil serial shooting was going on the very same day, so entry restricted.

Headed towards Big Banyan Tree (Dodda Alada Mara), which again is pretty close-by. Reached there by 1230 hrs, took an hour break and started the return journey.

 Big Banyan Tree, Dodda Alada Mara

Return journeys are usually horrible, sun over head, traffic, dust etc.

Love the Traffic dodging game though (as long as there exists a double digit relative motion) :).

Reached home by 1300 hrs, got fresh, left for pizza hut, had an awesome lunch and back home.

End of one awesome trek n trip, start of another.

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