Yet another BORING weekend @Shivanasamudra :P

Places Covered: Shivasamudra (Gaganachukki and Bharachukki waterfalls)
Total distance: ~300 Kms
Time: ~12 Hrs
Mileage: ~7 ltrs.
Previous Trip:  Savanadurga, Manchanabele Reservoir and Big Banyan Tree

(Sometime back) Planned a ride to Chikmagalur on 12-14th January 2013 as a new  year special ride. A week before the the D-Day, I was busy fine tuning the plan (to include as much biking as possible :)). Being a festival season, 5 people dropped the plan at last moment. And since I had 2 days in my hand, not planning a trip is just not me :).

I had plans of visiting Hogenakkal Falls, Shivanasamudra/ Talakad since long back, they just kept getting substituted.

So I finalized a solo trip to Shivanasamudra/ Talakad on 14th.

About Shivanasamudra (looted from wikipedia :P)

The Shivanasamudra Falls is on the Kaveri River.  The island town of Shivanasamudra divides the river into twin waterfalls, Gaganachukki and Bharachukki.
Asia’s second hydro-electric power station after Sidrapong is located at the waterfall and is still functional.


Peenya  -> Mysore Road -> Left turn after Bharat Petroleum Bunk near  Bibadi (~35 Km from Peenya) -> Head straight for around 10 km, joins Kanapura Road -> Take Right and continue on NH 209 till Malavalli -> Take left after Mahadeshwara Temple and head straight.


Though I planned a solo trip, I informed my friends about my trip in case someone changes their mind. 3 others cared to join me at the last moment.
As per the plan we left my place by 0400 hrs. There aren’t any good eateries nearby (other than Kanakpura), so it’s best to pack and go.
We reached Shivanasamudra by 0800 hrs. Took a few snaps of the waterfall. Shivanasamudra is a must visit place during monsoon.
 Gaganachukki Falls, Shivanasamudra

Spent 15 minutes over there and headed towards Bharachukki.
It took us 15 mins to reach the gates of the falls, which were locked with the security guard missing.
By 0900 hrs the security guard came and opened the gates. Paid Rs 10 parking ticket for bike.
Below is the snap taken from the parking place.

Bharachukki Falls, Shivanasamudra

Bharachukki was quite flooded with people, ranging from college students to families with picnic in mind. There are stairs leading down. While heading down the stairs we could identify 3 mini waterfalls.


Walked towards the first waterfall.

Bharachukki Falls, Shivanasamudra

Took a bunch of snaps and slow motion video.

Slow motion water splash

Found this one was funny, a monkey using another monkey’s tails as rope.

By the time I was done with the photography session I was feeling super hungry. Presence of those damn monkeys stopped me from opening my breakfast dibba. Decided to move on towards second falls. Second falls was heavily overcrowded, so headed for the last one, which seamed pretty silent from far.  It was kinda peaceful there, except the sight of endless coracle rides, which I din’t mind much. Found a peaceful spot, free from monkeys (and humans), opened my dibba :).

Breakfast ka snap, Zombie special :D.

Time for the last falls, best among (guess that explains the crowd).

Bharachukki Falls, Shivanasamudra

Bharachukki Falls, Shivanasamudra

Close-up of Rainbow :).

Silky water :).

Bharachukki Falls, Shivanasamudra

There was a small stream ahead, stopped by there for a couple of minutes.

Panoramic shots.

Weather was pretty harsh, I had to cancel my Talakad plan. Talakad and Somnathpura being 25 and 25 km respectively from here. By 1300 hrs we started our return trip. We stopped by for lunch at Kanakpura. By 1530 hrs we reached home, took the Nice road.

Odometer snap at the end of ODT.

As always, trip ends with me striking-off Shivasamundaram, along with Savanaduraga (last trip) in my pending list.

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