Hello there! I am Prashant Dobhal, I am a freelance Designer/ Programmer by profession (no,  not the IT guy,  hardcore mech :)), Biker/ Wanderer/ Designer/ Photographer by passion.

I burn most of my resources travelling places and clocking clicks on my RTR :).

Loves riding in ghat sections, rain and good company as a bonus.

Other timepass hobbies includes cooking, painting, football etc :).

When I am not travelling, I am usually busy hanging out, playing CS, busy reading and posting on xda/ xbhp/ xkmph or doing some crappy design work on my good old reliable dabba :).

Regarding the blog title:

I am a Zombie fan, I guess the blog title/ mail address/ nick name explains that pretty well. Regarding the backpack part; my bag always holds a pair of clothes, daily use items and some emergency stuff (lighter, extra mobile, torch, flint, rope, fevi quick, epoxy, insulation tape and some other dumb items :)). Have been like this since college, can’t help it :).

Regarding the blog:

Will be uploading all my travelogues here, past and the future ones. Plus some of my works soon, including some amateur photography :).


 Mechzombie Google+ Mechzombie LinkedIn   

Thanks for dropping by :).

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