Trip to Dandeli/ Karwar/ Gokarna/ Murdeshwar

Places covered: Dandeli, Kali Nadi, Karwar, Gokarna, Murdeshwar.
Total distance: ~1400 kms
Number of days: 4
Previous trip: Trip to Lepakhshi via Nandi Hills

Got a call from a friend on 23rd October 2012, inviting me to join him on a trip to Dandeli with his family. Wanted to go there from a long time, so without thinking any further I just accepted it and booked a ticket for the same night. Booked a seat in Rajhamsa – KSRTC. The bus was at 2045 hrs from Majestic, so I reached there an hour before.

The next morning (0700 Hrs) I was in Dandeli. One of my friend’s relative was working in West Coast Paper Mill Ltd, so we stayed in their quarters.

Attended the evening Dussera function over there.



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