Camping under the stars @Horagina Betta

It was nearing the weekend and I needed to finalize another place for us to get lost (again), to explore, to camp, to witness something new and have a yet another much needed brain idling session.

This time I finally decided to get lost @Horigina Betta, its been stuck to the pending list for far too long.

Reaching Horagina Betta/ Nandi One:
Take the road toward Nandi Hill via Devanahalli, head straight on the mud road at the T-junction after Karahalli Cross. Left goes to Nandi Hills, right to Skandagiri from the T-junction. Trail from there is pretty simple one, easy to locate and follow, should take an hour to reach the suggested campsite. Follow the one on Google Maps or use this – “KMZ

Start of trek - Horagina Betta

Like always, we carried a short supply of dry wood with us as a backup, collected a lot more at the top.

Dipper hunt :).

Find the dipper

Camping under the star lit sky on a cold windy night, this probably is the best way to spend a weekend.

Woke up at 0330 hrs, woke the campfire, heated some water, drank and slept again :).

Camping under the sky @Horagina Betta

Woke up again at 0530, restarted the campfire, turned the music on, switched the camera on and had some serious fun :).

The morning views at Horagina Betta were great, but nothing can be more awesome than the view you get from Skandagiri.

And the roads to Nandi Hills turns alive again.

Boiling water for Green Tea, plastic bottle won’t melt but water will surely turn toxic especially if kept on a direct flame. In a survival situation its fine, all I had was Frozen water with me. I had wrapped frozen water bottle in old newspaper and carried along, even after some 18 hrs it was mostly frozen.

Boiling Water for Green Tea

Three of us were still hungry enough to carry on with the stage two of the trek, around 5 Kms round trip :). We (mostly) followed the trail on Google maps again.

Nandi Hills

No, that's isn't a Peacock. It's a dry wood, looked like a peacock from far

Reaching the top was fun, camping here wasn’t an option though.

As if star gazing wasn’t enough :D.

Reached the campsite safely, packed up everything and carried the garbage along with us till the base.

Took a bunch shortcuts on the way down, saving atleast a km.

Info in short:

  • Camp midway to the hill – loads of dry wood, clear ground, loads of stones to help build campfire/ support tents. Pegs won’t help you much, carry long guy-lines instead
  • Nights get chilly, windy, improperly pitched tent might fly-off
  • Follow the trail on google maps or KMZ, although it’s more fun to take a detour
  • Overgrown grass all around, difficult to judge the trail ahead, avoid night trek
  • Prefer full sleeves
  • Vehicles can be parked near the restaurant at the T-Junction
  • Top secret tip for better campfire, use an additional rock slab as a platform to build campfire on, this will make the fire run hotter.

Gears/ gadgets I carried :D.

Gears and Gadgets

Bed of Cloud – Checked

Getting lost – Checked

Stargazing – Checked

Next – Fusion of long ride, camping & beaches… Until then

Ride safe, trek safe.

Trip to Lepakhshi via Nandi Hills

Places Covered: Nandi Hills, Lepakshi

Total distance: ~270 Kms

Time: ~15 Hrs

Mileage: around 6 ltrs.

Previous Trip:  The Free-Tan Trip to Yelagiri


Considering the upcoming Sunday(16 October 2012), I called up a few friends to conform if they are ready for a short trip. Only 4 (2 Bikes) of us were ready, since I informed them on a very short notice (10 PM on Saturday).

We finalized to go visit Lepakhshi Temple, Andhra Pradesh via Nandi Hills, Bangalore. Since the entry through check-post is only allowed after 6 AM, I decided to start by 5 from K R Puram. The other group was supposed to join me at Nandi Hills. One who was supposed to come with me surrendered to sleep, leaving me pretty happy since I like to ride alone . As per schedule we reached there by 6 AM. Considering the crowd there, it took us an hour to clear to the check-post after document verification.

Route Map:

Below is the view from the check-post at the foothills of Nandi Hills. Foothills of Nandi Hills Continue reading